Referral Registration Healthcare and Prescription Medicine costs continue to skyrocket, and ID Theft is becoming common place in our society. Our ClearMeds program will save you time, money and put your mind at ease. Immediate access to certified doctors, identity protection, and savings on prescriptions. There is One Clear Solution!

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is more expensive than ever... and product options are more confusing than ever. Today, doctor visits cost substantial time and money; now consider Urgent Care and ER visits! Simplify your medical world with telemedicine, and save money by picking up the phone to connect to a board certified doctor; when ever you like, wherever you are. There is One Clear Solution! Click to visit site 70% of doctor visits could be resolved over the phone. Physicians spend more time listening to your need, an average of 12 minutes on the phone vs 4 minutes in person. Register

Identity Theft

Identity theft is at epidemic proportions in our country. National retailers, financial institutions and government agencies are suffering breaches daily, which means your personal information is constantly at risk! There is One Clear Solution!
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UGuarded is the premier identity theft protection program providing peace of mind for the whole family, up to three generations. Register

Prescription Costs

Prescription prices are out of control and there is no end in sight! ClearMeds Rx offers consumers savings as high as 65% on maintenance meds, brand name and generic prescriptions. There is One Clear Solution!
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Another exciting feature of the mobile app is lowest cost prescription locator technology, providing you real time access to pricing of scripts in your local area. Type in your script to get pricing from over 60,000 participating pharmacies nearest you. Register

How It Works

3 Problems Solved
with ClearMeds
The solutions are here.
Now all you have to do is take advantage of them.
The process is easy. 1. Register and use the Rx discount to activate.
2. Your telemed and ID protect access code is emailed to you.
3. Enter the access code and Enjoy!

The most simple choice ever.

  • Create an account
  • Receive a card in the mail
  • Locate a pharmacy
  • Enjoy your saving
  • Activate your services
  • Free Telemedicine for 1 year!
  • Free ID protection for 1 year!
  • Register

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